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Andrew's pick of the bunch.

Lamborghini Countach.

Lamborghini Countach.

OnLy 1,997 of these vehicles were ever made making this exceedingly rare and highly desirable.

Author: Thillainathan Pathmanathan & Anne Christina Reck.

Publisher: Evro.

Hardback. 336pp. 24cm by 28cm.

ISBN 9781910505632


Original Price: £60.00

Price:    14.99 

Military History of the Bicycle, The.

Military History of the Bicycle, The.

The forgotten war machine.

Author: John Norris.

Publisher: Pen & Sword.

Hardback. 186pp. 17cm by 24cm.

ISBN: 9781526763518

Weight: 685

Original Price: £19.99

Price:    7.99